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For An Initiative To Share Targeted Knowledge During The Giving Season And Measure The Results

This grant will support a donor-education campaign (webinar and blog series) and associated measurement project during the 2013 holiday giving season. This project is a partnership of (and conceived by) field-leading organizations The Bridgespan Group and the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), and the lessons learned will be shared broadly. Both of these organizations agree to surveying webinar participants in December 2013 and again in spring 2014 to understand what if any influence the donor-education webinars and blogs had on their giving. The Chronicle on Philanthropy -- another central publication in the sector -- runs a similar holiday giving series of articles and has agreed to send its readers the same survey to assess influence/impact, which will provide the opportunity for more analysis and understanding of what content does/does not influence donors and how.
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for the Knowledge and Innovation Fund  

The Bridgespan Group is a global nonprofit that strives to make the world more equitable and just. The organization advises and collaborates with social change leaders including philanthropists, nonprofit and NGO leaders, and impact investors to find solutions to the economic and social barriers that perpetuate inequities and prevent individuals, families, and communities from having access to the opportunities they need to thrive. Bridgespan combines consulting experience with original research to develop innovative ideas, actionable insights, and practical tools on topics including nonprofit management, performance measurement, and strategic and adaptive philanthropy. This grant will support the creation and dissemination of original content for the social sector through the Knowledge and Innovation Fund. By contributing to the Knowledge and Innovation Fund, the Hewlett Foundation joins with other funders to leverage Bridgespan’s reach and depth of experience in identifying insights from philanthropy, nonprofits, and impact investors and sharing them broadly throughout the sector, including with smaller nonprofits and funders that may not otherwise access Bridgespan insights. This grant is for project support as part of the Knowledge for Better Philanthropy strategy.

for support of knowledge work focused on climate change  
The Bridgespan Group is well established as a preeminent social sector consulting firm and source of knowledge about nonprofit and philanthropic practice. The organization combines consulting experience with research and original thinking to develop insights, frameworks, and tools on topics including nonprofit management, performance measurement, and strategic and adaptive philanthropy. This grant will support knowledge work focused on climate change.
for support of Bridgespan's knowledge practice  
Now in its eleventh year, Bridgespan Group remains the preeminent management consulting firm working with nonprofits and foundations. With 200 world-class staff and a client list that includes many of the sector’s top organizations, Bridgespan has been critical in supporting the evolution of the practice of nonprofit management. An important part of Bridgespan’s strategy is its knowledge work, which translates what the organization learns in its consulting engagements and research for broader use. Bridgespan’s articles on nonprofit strategy, business planning, leadership, and other topics are seminal pieces, often creating a new language or framework that is used by thousands of participants in the field. This grant would support the continued expansion of Bridgespan’s knowledge work, including free distribution of all their content and targeted campaigns on particular topics.

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