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For "Reimagining Democracy" An Editorial Series On The Prospects For A Democratic Society

The "Reimagining Democracy" project, a special editorial series at Boston Review that will be available for free on its website, will create a visible space for engaged argument about the prospects for a democratic society after neoliberalism. The animating question of the project is: What might it look like, over the next generation, to have a society of equals — religiously pluralistic and multiracial — whose members are assured the rudiments of a decent life, have meaningful work, cooperate on fair terms, and argue together about a common future? The themes at the heart of "Reimagining Democracy" (such as civic membership or concentrated economic power) are already drawing lots of attention from activists and scholars. But while much of this work makes clear that people know what kind of world they do not want, the series’ goal is to improve the debate about the world they do want and to offer clarity about new directions for achieving it.
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for a project to reimagine the ways we think about political economy in a post-neoliberal world  
Boston Review (BR) is magazine of ideas, independent and nonprofit, founded on the premise that addressing the most profound contemporary social and political challenges require serious public discussion. This grant will support a year-long project to create a vibrant space for challenging the neoliberal paradigm which has since the 1970s shaped our political economy, bolstered extreme inequality, yet failed to address new challenges—from climate change to Artificial Intelligence. BR will not pursue a fixed agenda, but explore the contours of a new paradigm centered on equality and liberty, shaped by an understanding of power in markets, with attention to the role of technology, public investment, and equitable growth.

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