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For Organizational Structure Changes To Implement A Strategic Plan

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    12 Months
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1300 Godward St. NE #2625
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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for general operating support  
This general support grant will allow the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation to continue to align the interests of labor unions and environmental organizations to provide commonsense climate and environmental solutions that create family-sustaining jobs, protect the health of workers and communities, and build a fair and thriving economy.
for general operating support  
This grant will allow the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation to continue helping labor and environmental organizations forge a common agenda and speak with a united voice on climate and energy issues. In 2019, the organization will focus on campaigns to ensure that America leads the world in manufacturing and deploying the next generation of clean energy and vehicle technologies, while improving jobs and community well-being in order to build a broader, stronger movement for climate solutions. By bringing together union members and environmentalists, BlueGreen injects a perspective of shared economic prosperity into the debates around solving environmental challenges, lifts up new and credible voices, and builds "a path to yes" for state and federal policymakers.
for the Coalition of the Willing project  
With the support of the Hewlett Foundation over the next two years, the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation will spearhead a multi-pronged effort to convene, collaborate with, and define consensus principles and a platform for climate action among groups representing labor, environmental protection, and people of color — with the aim of building the public will necessary to achieve ambitious climate solutions in the future.

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