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    General Support/Organization
Established in 2006, the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation (BFAG) works toward a sustainable economy in which environmental progress and job creation go hand in hand. One of its goals is to make the case for additional public and private investment in green jobs, which will also increase the demand for clean energy and green technologies. There is a growing need for education at the base of the labor and environmental movements to address the climate crisis; a central aim of BGAF is to broaden the environmental movement by building a blue-collar constituency for global warming solutions. The overall goals include: engaging unions and environmental organizations to lead development of a national blueprint to address the challenges and seize the economic opportunities of global warming; promote "green" manufacturing processes that will make jobs more secure and less toxic; accelerate the growth of new green building; create more investments in research, development, demonstration and deployment of green technologies; highlight the connections between green investments, environmental solutions, job creation and trade reform. BGAF will focus on the following outcomes: increasing support among BGAF labor and environmental partners for green economic investment and national global warming strategy; broadening the base of support within organized labor for investment in clean energy and green technologies; increasing the workers understanding of the baseline definition of green jobs.
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2701 University Avenue, SE, #209, Minneapolis, MN, 55414, United States
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for general operating support  
In 2006, the Sierra Club and United Steelworkers formed the BlueGreen Alliance to work toward an economy in which job growth and environmental progress go hand in hand. Four major environmental organizations and ten prominent labor unions are now part of this alliance. This general support grant would allow the organization to continue helping labor and environmental organizations speak with a united voice on climate and energy policy issues, such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s policies to reduce global warming pollution from power plants and several states’ renewable energy and transportation policies.
for the Jobs 21! project  
In 2006, the Sierra Club and United Steelworkers formed BlueGreen Alliance to work on creating an economy in which job growth and environmental progress go hand-in-hand. Four major environmental organizations and ten prominent labor unions now partner within BlueGreen Alliance. This grant targets the coalition’s Jobs 21! program, a national effort to generate job growth as the nation transitions to sustainable, clean economies and energy independence. Jobs 21! is focused on demonstrating how investing in 21st century infrastructure will grow jobs and confront climate change.
for general operating support  
The BlueGreen Alliance Foundation (BGAF) is the educational arm of the BlueGreen Alliance— ten major labor unions and four major environmental organizations representing 14 million members. BGAF’s mission and work align well with our goals to reduce global warming emissions in the United States. BGAF works to reduce global warming emissions while creating jobs by supporting important policies such as renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, clean energy financing and tax credits, and investment in clean transportation infrastructure.

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