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For Behavioral Diagnoses And Testing Of New Interventions In Reproductive Health Programs

This supplemental grant will support the Behavioral Ideas Lab (ideas42) to partner with IntraHealth International and the Senegalese Ministry of Health to design and test behaviorally informed interventions to increase the uptake and use of contraception among postpartum women in Senegal. This phase of the project will build on the behavioral diagnoses completed during the previous year, which focused on ways to optimize the integration of family planning with child immunization programs. The foundation currently has an active grant with ideas42 to work with service delivery organizations to apply behavioral insights to improve the delivery of reproductive health services in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nepal.
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for the design of a behavioral insights research project to improve civic monitoring platforms  
The Behavioral Ideas Lab, Inc. (ideas42) is a research organization and network of behavioral scientists that partners with governments, foundations, and civil society organizations to address social problems with behavioral insights. In this project, they will identify the trade-offs of potential models for a research collaborative to study the application of behavioral insights to increase the responsiveness of public officials to reports from civic monitoring platforms.
for behavioral diagnoses and testing of new interventions in reproductive health programs  
This grant will enable Behavioral Ideas Lab (ideas42) to expand the application and impact of a behavioral economics (BE) approach within the family planning and reproductive health (FPRH) sector. Working with existing partners, ideas42 will expand research to design and test a BE approach with underserved groups, scale successful interventions, and strengthen the capacity of FPRH practitioners to integrate behavioral science into their work. Through these activities, ideas42 aims to diffuse their behavioral diagnosis and design methodology, expand the evidence base for behavioral science interventions, and demonstrate the value of a BE approach within the sector.

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