Arts Council Napa Valley

For General Operating Support

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    11 Months
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    General Support/Organization
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Post Office Box 2782
Napa, CA 94558
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for organizational adaptation  

Arts Council Napa Valley is the local arts agency for Napa County’s 136,000 people. The organization works with the county’s government agencies, arts organizations, and artists to place art in public spaces and guide the county’s arts education master plan. Each year it also awards small grants to about 40 artists, students, schools, and arts organizations. This grant will support Arts Council Napa Valley’s adaptation planning and implementation, advancing the Performing Arts Program’s Communities strategy by supporting one of the few arts agencies serving an entire county in a rural region of the Bay Area.

for general operating support  
Arts Council Napa Valley supports a county of 136,000 people and 4.5 million annual visitors through local grantmaking; working with the county’s arts organizations and artists to place art in public spaces; and ensuring the county’s school districts provide arts education. The Council also oversees a county-wide arts education working group and has developed a strategic arts education plan for Napa County.

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