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For A Project Entitled The Continuity Of Congress

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for support of a workshop for scholars taking an institutional view of Congress  
The ongoing debate about the state of Congress and its members, and about what reforms, if any, would benefit the institution and the American people, needs to be informed by scholarly perspectives from across the political and methodological spectrum. We are especially interested in understanding how conservative and libertarian scholars viewing Congress and its members through constitutional and institutional lenses understand the current dynamics and potential paths forward. This project grant to the American Enterprise Institute is designed to support a workshop and subsequent edited volume in which scholars well positioned to offer these diverse and essential perspectives will present their thinking.
for support of the "States of Change: Demographics and Democracy" project  
The American Enterprise Institute and the Center for American Progress are leading Washington think tanks working at the intersection of politics and policy. This grant would allow experts in demography and public opinion at both institutions to jointly assess likely trends and patterns of diversity in the U.S. population over the next several decades. These projections will have major implications for our political system and the polarization that is now so readily observable within it. Having experts from these two different institutions publicly project, discuss, and debate our nation’s evolving demographics will help illuminate the path forward—and pitfalls to avoid—for political leaders and policy advocates alike.

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