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For The Challenges For International Scientific Partnerships Project

This project will document and analyze cross-national scientific collaborations to address three questions: (a) what are the benefits of international scientific partnerships, particularly in cases where diplomatic relations are strained; (b) what are the structural barriers; and (c) what can be done to ameliorate these obstacles. The solutions to structural obstacles will be based on historical case studies drawn from multiple scientific disciplines (e.g., chemistry, physics, biomedical science, earth science, and social science). The results of the work will inform academic institutions in the United States and abroad, as well as public and private funders.
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for examining the effects of income and wealth inequality on American democracy  
An honorary society that celebrates the excellence of its members, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an independent research center that convenes leaders from across disciplines and perspectives to address significant challenges. The academy will conduct a 12-month planning effort to develop a major new initiative that will address how surging inequality and declining rates of social mobility have, for many Americans, bred deep distrust with economic and political institutions. The American Dream Project will build on and complement the academy’s Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship, which explored the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in our political and civic life, and issued a final report proposing concrete steps to enable more Americans to participate as effective citizens in a diverse twenty-first century democracy.

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