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For The Democracy Frontlines Fund

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    12 Months
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    General Support/Program
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1825 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
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for the Democracy Frontlines Fund  
Amalgamated Foundation is an independent nonprofit public charity committed to positive social change. The foundation offers a suite of services to facilitate the philanthropy of individual donors, institutional funders, and social entrepreneurs who share its commitment to social change. This program grant will support the Democracy Frontlines Fund (DFF), a collective giving and learning community that will resource and be in relationship with Black-led organizers. The DFF slate includes national organizations building sustainable local power. These groups are in partnership with one another and are committed to reimagining safety, amplifying the voices of disenfranchised voters, and prioritizing leadership roles among Black, LGBTQI, youth, disabled, undocumented, and formerly incarcerated individuals and communities. The DFF slate illustrates that change happens at the speed of trust and no organization can effectively tackle society’s problems without including those disproportionately hit.
for the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials  
Carbon accounting of financed emissions is foundational for aligning finance portfolios with climate change mitigation. This work seeks to (a) develop a global carbon accounting standard for financed emissions (known as the Platform for Carbon Accounting Financials, or PCAF); (b) increase the number of banks that commit to measure and disclose the carbon emissions of their loans and investments, ultimately aligning their portfolio with the Paris Agreement; and (c) provide technical assistance to the participating institutions in order to adapt the global standard to the regional context, and implement carbon accounting within their firms. (Substrategy: Climate Finance)

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