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Founded in 1967 by Padma Vibhusan Ali Akbar Khan, Ali Akbar College of Music (AACM) teaches novice and experienced students in the traditional practice of North Indian classical music. Over the past four decades the AACM has trained thousands of students in the intricacies of raga (melody) and tala (rhythm) and educated a large, world-wide audience through public concerts and releasing recordings of Ali Akbar Khan. In the summer of 2009 Mr. Khan passed away depriving the organization of its artistic leader and the public face of the organization. In the wake of Khan’s passing the organization is changing its pedagogical model to create tiered-levels of instruction and, in addition to retaining veteran tabla and sarod instructors, Mr. Khan’s son is taking on a greater teaching role and touring internationally to sustain the visibility of their family’s music and their organization too. With renewed support AACM will continue to offer four sessions of training annually at its San Rafael campus, present concerts and will continue to digitize an extensive collection of one of a kind recordings of concerts and classes, and historical materials preserving the legacy of Allauddin Kahn.(Renewal, $135,000/3; 6% of organization budget)
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for general operating support  
Ali Akbar College of Music educates students and audiences in the classical music of North India. It reaches approximately 2,000 people each year through its in-person and online classes, concert and community education programs, and collaborations with public and private schools in Oakland and San Francisco.
for general operating support  
Ali Akbar College of Music teaches traditional North Indian classical music. Since 1967, the organization has trained thousands of students, and educated audiences through public concerts and recordings of master Ali Akbar Khan. Following Maestro Khan’s passing in 2009, the organization continues to experience demand for its classes and concerts, led by the maestro’s master disciples. Renewed funding will support the organization’s efforts to maintain classes for novice to advanced students; increase the resources it offers through a newly adopted online education platform; and maintain the Ali Akbar Khan Library, a publicly accessible archive that opened in 2015.

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