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No. 95 Nortei Ababio Loop North Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana
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for support of a pan-African opinion survey that informs policymakers about citizen priorities  
Afrobarometer is a pan-African network that has been collecting data on citizens’ opinions about democracy, governance, and public service quality since 1999. Previously a project of CDD-Ghana, Afrobarometer registered as an independent charitable organization in Ghana in 2019. With this grant, Afrobarometer will produce analytical products that elevate African citizens’ opinions and priorities on contemporary issues that directly affect their lives. Afrobarometer will expand the number of users of its databases and thematic briefs in media, government, civil society, and academia; it will also track how its products are being used or influence development policies and priorities in Africa. (Strategy: Transparency, Participation, and Accountability)

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