Staffing transitions in the Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation announced today that Cyber Initiative Director Eli Sugarman will join the Oversight Board, and Kelly Born will rejoin the foundation as Director on February 1. Hewlett Foundation President Larry Kramer shared the following about the staffing transitions: After six years leading our grantmaking in this area, Eli Sugarman is 

Zhuli Hess joins Hewlett Foundation’s Environment Program

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation announced that Zhuli Hess has joined the foundation’s Environment Program. Program Director Jonathan Pershing shared the following with grantees and foundation staff: I am excited to announce that Zhuli Hess will be joining us as our newest Program Officer in the Environment Program, where she will lead our grantmaking in China on climate 

Hewlett Foundation announces new, five-year $50 million Economy and Society Initiative to support growing movement to replace neoliberalism

Menlo Park, Calif.  — The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation today announced a five-year, $50 million commitment to help develop a new intellectual paradigm to replace neoliberalism—the framework that has dominated our economic and political debates for more than forty years. The new Economy and Society Initiative will help develop a new “common sense” about 

Hewlett Foundation to award $15 million to groups combatting systemic racism

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation announced today that it will award $15 million to a range of nonprofit organizations working against systemic racism, part of a larger set of commitments that the foundation pledged this summer. The 15 recipient organizations include charities working across a broad swath of issues—from health to education to human 

Upholding our democracy: Statement on the 2020 election

The government of the United States draws its just powers from the consent of its people, expressed in free and fair elections through which we decide who will govern. This peaceful transition of power under law is a remarkable, magnificent achievement—something no nation had managed before our Revolution, something shockingly few nations have managed even 

Hewlett Foundation joins the Libra Foundation to launch the Democracy Frontlines Fund

The Hewlett Foundation joined the Libra Foundation and 10 other foundations to establish the Democracy Frontlines Fund, a new initiative to provide sustained support to frontline, Black activists leading the movement to end systemic racism. The Democracy Frontlines Fund will commit $36 million in unrestricted funding to 10 Black-led grassroots organizations advocating for racial justice 

Joseph Asunka to join Afrobarometer as new CEO in 2021

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is pleased to announce Dr. Joseph Asunka, currently Program Officer with our Global Development Program, will join Afrobarometer, based in Accra, Ghana, in early 2021 as their new chief executive officer. Asunka will lead the pan-African survey research network into its third decade as the go-to data source on 

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