Instead of announcing a comical big bet designed to put a grin on your face today, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation said in a statement that it was cancelling April Fool’s Day this year.

“2017 is just not that funny,” said foundation president Larry Kramer.

Kramer said he eagerly anticipates writing an annual April Fool’s Day blog post. “Working in philanthropy is amazing and rewarding,” he explained. “But it’s not exactly sidesplittingly funny. So it’s nice to play a little and have some fun.”

Not this year, though. Indeed, Kramer said the foundation is surveying grantees and local community members for feedback on other milestones and holidays: “March Madness – yeah, that one, we’re keeping. Probably Memorial Day too. But I’m not so sure about Thanksgiving.”

He added that he had originally planned a self-deprecating piece playing off his well-known love of the Beatles, headlined “Back in the USSR.”

“Russia, it turns out, is no laughing matter either,” he said.

(In other news, he invited fellow sector leaders to learn more about the Hewlett Foundation’s cyber initiative.)