The Open Education Resources Ecosystem

An evaluation of the OER movement’s current state and its progress toward mainstream adoption

Sat, 06/01/2013

The Boston Consulting Group

Since the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation began investing in open education resources in 2002, the field has grown significantly: the past decade has seen an influx of OER and increased awareness and adoption.

However, more work remains to push the OER movement from the sidelines of mainstream education into the center of the classroom.

The Foundation engaged the Boston Consulting Group in late 2012 to evaluate the state of the current ecosystem in the United States and to help understand how to measure the movement’s progress towards a sustainable, mainstream end-state.

This document contains a summary of BCG’s findings, which were based on primary and secondary research, including dozens of interviews of experts and participants in the OER movement and a survey of ~375 K – 12 teachers and educators.

Download: The Open Educational Resources Ecosystem.pdf