Continuity and Engagement

The Hewlett Foundation’s Performing Arts Program funds a wide variety of arts organizations—preferably through multiyear general operating grants—in order to create opportunities for people and communities to participate in the arts. These grants embrace a wide range of artistic disciplines, aesthetics, and cultural traditions in the areas of dance, media, music, and theater that engage people across diverse communities.

The Program divides these grants into two categories: traditional works from multiple cultures that reflect the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area and innovative works that represent emerging cultural expressions and invigorate the way artists and audiences create, experience, and distribute their work. The Program recognizes that many organizations produce both traditional and innovative works. However, the categories allow us to understand the primary roles played by different grantees.

The Program is accepting Letters of Inquiry for its Continuity and Engagement grantmaking at this time. For more information, click here. We encourage Bay Area performing arts grantseekers to explore additional resources with these organizations that provide support for arts organizations and individual artists.