Arts Education

The Performing Arts Program helps give California students equal access to an education rich in the arts. The Program makes grants to create opportunities for students to engage in the arts at every level, from introductory programs to professional training. Arts education develops a lifelong interest in the arts, builds audiences for the future, and—particularly through the public education system—reaches a broad segment of students at a critical time in their development.

The Program’s grantmaking for arts education falls into three categories:

  • Program delivery. We fund a wide variety of programs that provide arts education directly to students in school, after school, and out of school. We hope to increase the effectiveness of these programs by helping grantees reach more students and by encouraging the spread of the most effective methods to other organizations.
  • Policy and advocacy. Our grantees advocate for policies that ensure that all public school students receive an education rich in the arts. Our grantees develop research to inform public education policymakers, work to make sure that all schools meet existing standards, and help to set priorities for arts education at the district and state levels. The Program reaches parents, educators, administrators, and policymakers to raise awareness and encourage them to advocate for measures that strengthen arts education programs in schools.
  • Preprofessional training. Our Program aims to ensure that exceptionally talented youth who will mature into the next generation of great performing artists have opportunities to receive world-class training. Preprofessional training organizations prepare students in a variety of disciplines and nurture the talented young people who contribute to the Bay Area’s diverse, vibrant artistic community.

The Program is accepting Letters of Inquiry for its Arts Education grantmaking at this time. For more information, click here. We encourage Bay Area performing arts grantseekers to explore additional resources with these organizations that provide support for arts organizations and individual artists.