Children and Youth

The Hewlett Foundation explored a range of possible approaches to improving services and outcomes for highly disadvantaged youth, in particular those aged 14 to 24, as part of its Children and Youth Program. As part of that process, the Foundation commissioned a number of papers examining issues related to improving outcomes for these youth. The experts we consulted provided valuable insights into the demographics of young people at risk, the effectiveness of past policies and programs, and the potential for innovation and improvement in the field. Due to changes in available resources, the Foundation did not establish a new youth program. We hope, however, that the research and analysis commissioned to inform our exploratory process may prove useful to those currently working on youth development issues.

The following materials on youth development are available. Click on a link below to view an abstract of the paper and to download the entire document as a PDF file.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how these papers were developed, or to contact the authors directly with questions about their particular subject or viewpoint.