Better Governance through Transparency & Accountability

Sierra Leone

The Foundation's Transparency and Accountability grantmaking seeks to ensure that citizens have access to information about where public revenues come from and how they are being spent. Photo courtesy of Matthew Genasci/Revenue Watch Institute.


No government policy, no matter how sound, can help its citizens if its execution is hobbled by the corruption or inefficiency. Too often in the developing world, budgets are diverted and policy goals are ignored, with result being that some of the world’s poorest people do not receive the help they need to succeed. In response, the Global Development and Population Program makes a broad range of grants to organizations that work to shed light on the workings of governments and how they manage revenue and deliver services.

Transparency and Accountability Around the World

The Foundation’s grantmaking around the world for governmental transparency and accountability focuses on four broad aspects of the problem. Grants are made to nonprofit organizations that monitor how governments collect revenue, allocate money among programs, actually spend the budgeted money and, finally, whether governments properly deliver intended services. 

Transparency and Accountability in Mexico

Through its Mexico City office, the Foundation has focused on public access to government information as one key means to foster transparency and accountability on government operations. But access is only part of the solution, and the Foundation makes grants that teach citizens how to request and then use the government information to assure it is used for the intended purposes. Such uses of the information also further international competitiveness and strengthen the functioning of a free press.