Western Conservation - Water

Restore River Flows and Conserve Riparian Areas

Water is the most sought-after and fought-over resource in the West. Cities and suburbs, farms, ranches, and industries all depend on it. As human developments swell and demand for water grows, the condition of streams and rivers suffers. Dams, unprotected river banks, and polluted run-off degrade our once free-flowing waterways, threaten the survival of fish and birds, and undermine human health and recreational uses. Our goal is to ensure that water is used responsibly and in a sustainable manner that supports both human and environmental health. The Foundation will support organizations working to accomplish the following objectives.

  • Achieve West-wide policy changes that improve river flows and protect riparian areas
  • Increase river flows and improve riparian land conservation through federal dam relicensing processes
  • Improve state instream flow water policies and funding to increase river flows and riparian land conservation
  • Link surface water and groundwater regulations to reduce aquifer depletion

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