Knowledge for Better Philanthropy

We support the creation and dissemination of knowledge about philanthropy, philanthropic practice, and related topics to inform, influence and improve funders’ thinking and decision-making. To achieve this goal, we have supported research, analysis, writing and the development of tools on effective philanthropy by academic centers, consulting firms, philanthropic sector organizations and other practitioners. Of course, knowledge is only useful if it gets into the hands of those who can use it, so we also supported dissemination efforts – some by the knowledge-generating organizations and some via additional channels including journals, websites and social media.

We conducted an independent, third party evaluation of this strategy in 2013. Based on the evaluation findings and recommendations, we will continue to pursue this strategy and are currently considering refinements and enhancements we might make to further strengthen the knowledge sector for the field of philanthropy.


The Effective Philanthropy Group is not accepting unsolicited Letters of Inquiry for its Knowledge for Better Philanthropy grantmaking.