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Hewlett Foundation President's Statements

Each year, the president of the Hewlett Foundation publishes an essay that appears in the Foundation's Annual Report. The themes usually focus on issues that apply to the field of philanthropy as a whole, and how the Foundation is trying to advance the field in particular. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the past year and articulate plans for the future.

Below are the President's Statements from the past annual reports since 1999:

2009 - The Hewlett Foundation's Integrated Global Development and Population Programs

2008 - Forms of Philanthropic Support: The Centrality of Alignment

2007 - The Importance of Data

2006 - Creating an Online Information Marketplace for Giving

2005 - On Collaboration (Or How Many Foundations Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?)

2004 - The Hewlett Foundation's Global Commitments

2003 - The Importance of Strategy

2002 - Reconciling Strategic Philanthropy with General Operating Support

2001 - The Hewlett Foundation's Approach to Philanthropy

2000 - An Invitation to Improve the Effectiveness of the Nonprofit Sector

1999 - Strategic Planning