Libby Haight

Program Officer, Global Development and Population Program

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Libby Haight, a public policy expert with extensive experience in Mexico, serves as a program officer in the Foundation’s Global Development and Population Program.

Ms. Haight is responsible for grantmaking and related activities that support improved transparency and accountability in the way public funds are allocated for basic services. That work, in turn, is part of the Global Development and Population Program’s goal of enhancing conditions for equitable growth in developing countries.

Before joining the Foundation, Ms. Haight was a program officer with the International Budget Partnership, where she managed grants to a half dozen civil society organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Ecuador, and provided technical assistance on citizen participation, access to public information, and budget monitoring. Previously, she coordinated an applied research project at the University of California, Santa Cruz, on the impact of Mexican citizens exercising their rights to public information.

Ms. Haight graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, where she pursued a triple major in international relations, Spanish, and theater. She received a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Chicago.